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Letter to our dear Birzeities!

We, Birzeit Society Board of Directors, meeting at the 14th National Convention, were extremely disturbed to hear about the issues with the Municipality Council, the resignation of most members, For more info click here!

Birzeit Society 14th National Convention Final Statement!

Birzeit Society Board of Directors declare their position on the following issues as follows

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BZS Board Approves Plan to Set Up A Business Corporation

National Board Annual Meeting

Creating Jobs and Investment Opportunities in Birzeit

The Birzeit Society National Board of Directors approved a plan to establish a US based corporation to help create jobs and business opportunities in Birzeit and Palestine. The plan was presented by a business development committee and approved by a majority of BZS National Board members at their annual meeting held in San Francisco February 3-6, 2012.

Other decisions taken by the Board included approving financial aid funds to a number of Birzeit institutions, including The Rozana Association, The Birzeit Orthodox Scout Group in Birzeit and Nadi Birzeit in Amman. Other funding requests are still pending further review.

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Arabic Poetry Recital by Birzeiti Poet Diab Rabie

Listen to the late Birzeiti poet Diab Rabie recite a selection of his poems in Arabic as recorded in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. This collection of recorded poems was provided to Birzeit Society by his son Ziad Rabie who kindly converted them from tapes to mp3 audio files for posting to this website.

Diab Jeries Rabie, born October 10th, 1922, passed away on July 14th, 2010, after a long battle with lung cancer at the age of 87. He came to the United States from Palestine in 1947 as a foreign correspondent to the United Nations. From a young age he became an internationally acclaimed Arabic poet published in major Arabic newspapers and magazines around the world throughout his life. His final poetic legacy is a collection of his life work published by Birzeit Society, which he was able to see prior to his death and helped edit to fruition.

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My Memories of the Guest House in Birzeit


It was a hot day on June 11, 2010, when we were invited by Riwaq, a Palestinian Center for Architectural Conservations, to plant trees in the newly renovated old city of Birzeit which Riwaq had finished almost a year ago. It was a nice opportunity to spend the weekend in my hometown and enjoy the cool breeze later on in the evening.

As I was walking from the family house, where my brother Hanna Nasir and his wife Tania live, down the road to the church on that Sunday morning, I could not help but feel sad to see so many doors closed and nobody to greet the passers by as the people were no more there. The shopkeeper Abu-Mariam and Saleemeh Musallam’s house and further down, Shukri Nasir’s butcher shop were all gone. The situation in the Anglican Church was not much better as we were only seven worshipping that morning. Actually when I went to visit the family cemetery next to the church, I realized there were more people resting there than in the church itself.

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Ancient Byzantine Church Discovered in Birzeit

The ruins of an ancient Byzantine church have been discovered this summer at a local Birzeit mountain known as "Jabal Elkhirbeh".

Close to the site, Dr. Hamid Salem and his team from the History and Archeology Department of Birzeit University, unearthed what seems to be the ruins of a Roman cardo, a street which was lined with shops, and served as the center of economic life. The ruins of a smaller crusader church built on top of the Byzantine church were evident. Also, the place was settled by peasants from the Mamluk and the Ottoman period.

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  • The location of the 15th National Convention which will take place year 2020 will be announced here! 

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