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Letter to our dear Birzeities!

We, Birzeit Society Board of Directors, meeting at the 14th National Convention, were extremely disturbed to hear about the issues with the Municipality Council, the resignation of most members, For more info click here!

Birzeit Society 14th National Convention Final Statement!

Birzeit Society Board of Directors declare their position on the following issues as follows

For more info click here!

Birzeit University creates a partnership with AIMM...

Birzeit University President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, and Applied Information Management’s Managing Partner, Sam Bahour, signed a consulting agreement which aims to develop various university assets and services into investment opportunities, which will offer the private sector the possibility to serve the university needs through business ventures.  

Japan Funds Birzeit Water Network Rehabilitation Project

RAMALLAH - September 11, 2012 - Representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority Junya Matsuura and Mayor of Birzeit Yousef Nasser signed a $114,958 grant contract for the project of  'Rehabilitation and Extension of the Water Network in Birzeit City' Tuesday according to a press release by the Representative Office of Japan in Ramallah. The project aims to replace around 1,570 meters of corroded and broken pipes in the old water network in the al-Marj district and replace approximately 1,330 meters of temporary plastic pipes with permanent pipelines. These pipes provide water to 200 households (1,000 people) and one school of 250 students in the same district.

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Birzeit Society Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Celebrating 25 Years at 11th National Convention in San Francisco

San Francisco: July 8, 2012 - Under the general theme “Silver Year - Golden Future: 25 Years Connecting With Our Roots”, Birzeit Society celebrated its 11th National Convention July 4-8, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Burlingame, San Francisco Airport, California. Over 700 Birzeitis and friends attended the 4-day celebration from the U.S. and several other countries, including Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, U.A.E, England, Australia, and Germany.

The Convention program was filled with interesting panels, entertainment events, cultural activities and outdoor excursions that suited all ages. Participants enjoyed visiting the City of San Francisco, famous for its beautiful scenery and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz Island, cable cars and Victorian architecture. The program also included special events to celebrate US Independence Day by taking a 4th of July Bay Cruise and Fireworks display, a Napa Valley Wine Country Tour, and a San Francisco City Tour.

Birzeiti Activist Salameh Kaileh Tortured in Damascus


Prominent Birzeiti activist and intellectual Salameh George Kaileh said Syrian government forces tortured and detained him in deplorable conditions before deporting him from Damascus to Jordan on May 14, 2012. 

The details of Kaileh’s ordeal is documented in an interview with Al-Arabiya satellite channel which was broadcast on May 17, 2012.  Watch the interview in Arabic

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San Francisco Chapter Sponsors Nakba Event


The Arab Cultural and Community Center in San Francisco is holding an event on May 12, 2012 in commemoration of the Nakba. Elders who went through this catastrophe will share their stories with the younger generation through conversation, storytelling and other activities. Please join the San Francisco chapter in Remembering Palestine. 

BZS Board Approves Plan to Set Up A Business Corporation

National Board Annual Meeting

Creating Jobs and Investment Opportunities in Birzeit

The Birzeit Society National Board of Directors approved a plan to establish a US based corporation to help create jobs and business opportunities in Birzeit and Palestine. The plan was presented by a business development committee and approved by a majority of BZS National Board members at their annual meeting held in San Francisco February 3-6, 2012.

Other decisions taken by the Board included approving financial aid funds to a number of Birzeit institutions, including The Rozana Association, The Birzeit Orthodox Scout Group in Birzeit and Nadi Birzeit in Amman. Other funding requests are still pending further review.

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Birzeit Celebrates its “Fourth Heritage Week”

Special to Birzeit Newsletter undefined The Rozana Fourth Heritage Week was held in Old Town Birzeit July 13-17, 2011 attracting no less than 30,000 visitors during its five days of full activities that filled every corner of Birzeit historic area. The Festival turned the quarters of the Old Town into a vibrant heritage mosaic where Palestinian families and friends enjoyed the displays and trading of Palestinian embroidery, agricultural products, handcrafts as well as international displays from different countries representing Morocco, USA, the EU and the other countries.

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Saving the Life of a Birzeiti who Needed Heart Transplant

Manar Issa Butros Eid Sayege

Anonymous Donor Makes Manar’s Miracle a Reality!

Amman, Jordan - Birzeit Society was among the many people and organizations that helped in saving the life of Manar Issa Butros Eid Sayege, a 36 years old Birzeiti living in Amman and desperately needed an artificial heart transplant surgery.

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Palestine Youth Cultural Tour to Visit US Cities


Don't miss this special event! A performance of the Palestine Strings of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and the Danadeesh Dance Group of the First Ramallah Group will take place in various U.S. cities, which will include: Houston, Detroit, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Wayne, NJ.

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Birzeit Newsletter Spring Edition 2011 Now Posted on Website


The latest edition of the Birzeit Newsletter for Spring 2011 was printed and mailed to Birzeit Society members in mid May and is now available on this website.

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Arabic Poetry Recital by Birzeiti Poet Diab Rabie

Listen to the late Birzeiti poet Diab Rabie recite a selection of his poems in Arabic as recorded in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. This collection of recorded poems was provided to Birzeit Society by his son Ziad Rabie who kindly converted them from tapes to mp3 audio files for posting to this website.

Diab Jeries Rabie, born October 10th, 1922, passed away on July 14th, 2010, after a long battle with lung cancer at the age of 87. He came to the United States from Palestine in 1947 as a foreign correspondent to the United Nations. From a young age he became an internationally acclaimed Arabic poet published in major Arabic newspapers and magazines around the world throughout his life. His final poetic legacy is a collection of his life work published by Birzeit Society, which he was able to see prior to his death and helped edit to fruition.

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My Memories of the Guest House in Birzeit


It was a hot day on June 11, 2010, when we were invited by Riwaq, a Palestinian Center for Architectural Conservations, to plant trees in the newly renovated old city of Birzeit which Riwaq had finished almost a year ago. It was a nice opportunity to spend the weekend in my hometown and enjoy the cool breeze later on in the evening.

As I was walking from the family house, where my brother Hanna Nasir and his wife Tania live, down the road to the church on that Sunday morning, I could not help but feel sad to see so many doors closed and nobody to greet the passers by as the people were no more there. The shopkeeper Abu-Mariam and Saleemeh Musallam’s house and further down, Shukri Nasir’s butcher shop were all gone. The situation in the Anglican Church was not much better as we were only seven worshipping that morning. Actually when I went to visit the family cemetery next to the church, I realized there were more people resting there than in the church itself.

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Father Manuel Musallam Condemns Florida Pastor Jones' Threat to Burn the Holy Qur'an


Father Manuel Musallam, a Catholic Priest from Birzeit who is a member of the Islamic Christian Commission to Defend Jerusalem and the Holy Places, strongly condemned Florida Pastor Terry Jones' threat to burn copies of the Holy Qur'an in Gainesville, Florida last weekend.mu

In a statement issued today, Father Musallam said that "We as Christian Palestinians affirm that we are indivisible part of our Arab and Islamic nation and declare that we live side by side with our Muslim brothers, standing ready to support them in defense of their Qur'an, Islamic religion and holy places."

He declared that Palestinian Christians consider the call to burn copies of the Qur'an "a direct attack on them and their holy book and an expression of poisonous hatred for anything that relates to Arabs, Muslims and Christians".

He added that churches in Palestine condemn this satanic move and called for the commemoration of "Eid Alfitr" of every year as a "Holy Qur'an Day".


Rozana Spring Festival Tours Historical Sites in Birzeit Area


Palestinian writer Ziad Jayyosi describes in this Arabic article the special trip he took last May to the historical sites in the villages surrounding Birzeit. The guided excursion was organized by the Rozana Association under its Spring Festival which took four bus loads of guests and tourists to experience first hand these ancient sites in the mountains to the west of Birzeit

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Ziad Rabie Reflects on the Work and Life of his Legendary Father


Diab Rabie, the Last of the Great Arab Diaspora Poets

Ziad Rabie is the eldest son of Palestinian American poet Diab Rabie who passed away at the age of 87 on July 14, 2010 in Charlotte, NC, leaving behind a treasure of Arabic poetry that marked the end of the era of giant Diaspora poets of North America. In recognition of his great achievements, Birzeit Society honored the Birzeiti poet by working closely with him to publish his poetry collection, which was released from the printers just one week before his death.

His son Ziad graciously agreed to reflect on his father’s life and work in this exclusive interview with Birzeit Newsletter andBirzeit Society Website:

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BZS National Board Holds Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio


The Birzeit Society National Board of Directors held its annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio during the weekend of February 13-14, 2010. The meeting was hosted by the recently established Ohio Chapter and was attended by representatives from all chapters in the United States.

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Ancient Byzantine Church Discovered in Birzeit


The ruins of an ancient Byzantine church have been discovered this summer at a local Birzeit mountain known as "Jabal Elkhirbeh".

Close to the site, Dr. Hamid Salem and his team from the History and Archeology Department of Birzeit University, unearthed what seems to be the ruins of a Roman cardo, a street which was lined with shops, and served as the center of economic life. The ruins of a smaller crusader church built on top of the Byzantine church were evident. Also, the place was settled by peasants from the Mamluk and the Ottoman period.

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